The Bill Nelson Scholarship Endowment (BNSE) is pleased to announce it has awarded four scholarships totaling $8,000 to its 2021 class of recipients.

Recipients for the 2021 awards are: Abigail Wehler of Mount Morris, Ill.; Karly Kruse of Litchfield, Ill.; Leslie Lingo of Nashville, Ark.; and Varsha Karthikeyan of Tualatin, Ore.. Scholarship recipients for this year represent Oregon Tool, Husqvarna, and Dometic, and were chosen from among 19 applications received.

The BNSE is an educational charity designed to advance the academic pursuits of employees and the children of employees who work for member companies of the Outdoor Power Equipment Aftermarket Association. Since 2000, the endowment has awarded 65 scholarships totaling more than $137,000 to high school and college students.

The BNSE is governed by four Trustees: Sue Chaney, K-C Sales; Britton Harrold, Husqvarna; Ed Nelson, Rotary Corporation; and Jim Paugh, NGK Spark Plugs.

The BNSE Trustees would like to extend their appreciation to all the outstanding scholarship applicants, and their affiliated OPPAA member companies.

For more information on the scholarship program, click here.


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