25th Anniversary of the OPPAA Scholarship Fund

June 25, 2024


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – This year marks the 25th anniversary of scholarship awards for the families of the Outdoor Power Parts and Accessories Association (OPPAA). Since 2000, the OPPAA Scholarship Fund has awarded over 75 scholarships totaling more than $163,000 to high school and college students. From the founding OPPAA members to today’s engaged participants – the history of the scholarship program is inspiring and designed to be impactful.

To celebrate, the OPPAA Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce it has awarded two scholarships totaling $6,000 to its 2024 class of recipients.

Recipients for the 2024 awards are: Priya Gadhe of Portland, Oregon; and Virginia Anderson of Glennville, GA.

The fund is an educational charity designed to advance the academic pursuits of employees and the children of employees who are employed by OPPAA member companies. Scholarship recipients for this year represent the Rotary Corporation and Oregon Tool, and which were chosen from more than 20 applications received.

The OPPAA Scholarship Fund governing body includes the following Trustees: Mark Errick, D.E. Errick, Inc.; Sue Chaney, K-C Sales; Darold Dunham, Power Distributors; and Ed Nelson, Rotary Corporation. Staff includes Brandon Martin and Suzanne Shomers of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI).

Fund support is provided by gifted donations. The OPPAA Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with members, and generous donors, making lasting impression with their contributions. Learn more at: www.oppaa.org/scholarship/.

The Trustees would like to extend their appreciation to all the outstanding scholarship applicants, and their affiliated OPPAA member companies.

About OPPAA OPPAA, originally established in 1986 as OPEAA, promotes the quality of replacement parts and accessories as an equivalent and economical means for the maintenance and repair of power equipment. OPPAA’s ultimate purpose is to facilitate the growth and availability of quality replacement parts and accessories for outdoor power equipment. For more information visit: www.oppaa.org.