MISSION: The mission of the Bill Nelson Scholarship Endowment (BNSE) is to honor Bill Nelson, founder of Rotary Corporation and one of the great leaders of the outdoor power equipment aftermarket industry, by providing educational scholarships annually, and to maintain the endowment from which scholarship funds will be drawn. The BNSE is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, formed by OPPAA.

AWARD: The BNSE will award an academic scholarship to an outstanding high school graduate, college undergraduate, or graduate student pursuing any degree, with a preference for those in a business-related field. The award is intended to supplement the educational expenses for students in the upcoming academic year. The amount, number and frequency of the awards will be determined annually by the Trustees.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility will be open to employees of OPPAA members, their children, stepchildren, grandchildren and adopted children. There will be no limitation on who can apply, other than the employee must be working full time upon submission of the application on behalf of themselves or their children, as defined above. Current part-time employees (but not their children) are also eligible to apply for a scholarship. The applicant must be planning to attend, or already be enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning. Previous awardees are ineligible to apply.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: An application for the BNSE must be received by May 13, 2022 at the OPPAA national office for the academic year beginning the following September. The applicant must be, at a minimum, a high school senior. The applicant must submit his or her ACT and SAT scores and a cumulative GPA, as of the most recent semester. The BNSE Trustees will receive all applications electronically (preferred) or by mail, and will meet following May 13 to review the applications and select the final recipient(s).

TRUSTEES: The Trustees appointed for the BNSE are:

Sue Chaney, K-C Sales Co., LLC
Ed Nelson, Rotary Corporation
Jim Paugh, NGK Spark Plugs
Britton Harold, Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc.

The Trustees have appointed Suzanne Shomers to serve as the Administrator of the BNSE.