Member Benefits

OPPAA continually strives to protect the interests of outdoor power equipment parts and accessories manufacturers and distributors.


Why Join OPPAA?

  • Industry Stewardship: OPPAA members influence and support the development and implementation of standards applicable to OPE parts and accessories.
  • Professional Development: A prime purpose of OPPAA is to provide a forum by which members can exchange ideas and learn from each other. Seminars geared toward all aspects of selling, marketing, and of general business management are held annually by OPPAA, and have proven to be highly informative and successful. These meetings are usually held in February, in a warm climate.
  • Industry Alliance: OPPAA enjoys an alliance with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). This partnership allows for access to, and the influencing of, applicable legislative and regulatory processes that directly affect our industry.
  • Market Stats and Trends: OPPAA provides a biennial market study to all members. The survey addresses dealer demographics, parts purchases, sales breakdowns by OEM and parts and accessories channels, and certain opinions concerning parts and accessories.
  • Bill Nelson Scholarship Endowment: Annually, the BNSE awards an academic scholarship to an outstanding high school graduate or college undergraduate pursuing any degree, with a preference for those in a business-related field.
  • Member Services: OPPAA members are offered services in areas such as legal – assistance in standard disclaimer language to use on catalogs; model warranties; and issues of anti-trust and restraint of trade; identification programs – The OPPAA logo offers instant identification with professionalism, and is the true mark of the professional parts and accessories manufacturer, supplier or distributor.
  • Industry News: Periodic newsletters & communications including legislative updates from the Small Business Legislative Council when Congress is in session; HR Newsline; and industry updates.
  • As a member, you will be able to use the OPPAA logo on your letterhead, business cards and catalogs – as well as in your advertising, on your website, and at trade shows or regional expositions;

Membership Tiers

Industry steward options for the right membership.

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