OPPAA launches as the outdoor power parts and accessories association

February 08, 2022


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Building on 35 years of success, OPPAA has launched as an evolution of the organization formerly known as OPEAA.

The name and branding change were announced at the organization’s 35th annual meeting in St. Augustine, FL.

“It’s time to reshape and refocus our organization to better serve a larger portion of the industry,” said John Joensen. Donny Desjarlais also added, “As the industry has evolved, so has the association, and we’re excited for this next chapter in the organization’s history.”

For more than 35 years, OPPAA has been a member-driven organization with the ultimate purpose of facilitating the growth and availability of quality replacement parts and accessories to the outdoor power equipment industry. As the organization was originally founded to support and grow the non-OEM replacement parts business segment – it has evolved to provide less distinction between OEM and aftermarket suppliers.

The association’s mission and strategic goals will remain to protect the integrity of outdoor power equipment parts and accessories manufacturers and distributors but allow us to more broadly address accessories and replacement parts throughout the industry; position ourselves for organizational inclusion and growth; and increase member value with a broader perspective and resources.

The new OPPAA Board of Directors includes:

President: John Joensen, Gardner, Inc.
Vice President: Darold Dunham, Power Distributors
Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Rutledge, Medart Engine
Immediate Past President: Donny Desjarlais, Oregon Tool
Director: Mark Errick, D. E. Errick, Inc.
Director: Alex Webb, Hoosier Wheel
Director: John Bauersfeld, Stens
Director: Todd McMahon, Rotary
Director: Jim Depolo, VP Racing Fuels

OPPAA, originally established in 1986 as OPEAA, promotes the quality of replacement parts and accessories as an equivalent and economical means for the maintenance and repair of power equipment. OPPAA’s ultimate purpose is to facilitate the growth and availability of quality replacement parts and accessories for outdoor power equipment. For more information, contact Brandon Martin (bmartin@opei.org), call 703.549.7600, or visit www.opeaa.org.