Memership Whitepaper: Constellation Parts Locator

April 07, 2023


OEM & Distributor Warehouse Parts Locator by Constellation Dealership Group

The Constellation Parts Locator is an easy-to-use tool embedded directly in the daily workflow process of their Ideal, C-systems, and Charter dealer management systems. It allows Constellation dealers to search the inventory of other Constellation network dealers to find out-of-stock parts.

It now includes manufacturer and distributor parts warehouse availability in the dealer search results! This simple but powerful feature provides:

  • Increased visibility on your products
  • Saves the dealer multiple steps and time
  • Increased productivity at the parts counter
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales of your products

OPPAA Participation Options:

To share warehouse inventory, upload a flat comma delimited file posted onto Constellation secure FTP or other location where it can picked up for automated retrieval (Constellation can also work with web services).

The file contents should include: Brand, Part Number, Part Description, and Quantity Available.

Note: It is requested that daily uploads are conducted at the minimum.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: It’s free to post your parts warehouse inventory, and searching is free for participating dealers.

Q: Does this expose my inventory counts?

A: Only max-plus (exact counts from 1~9, and then “9+”) are displayed as the default option, or alternate options can simply indicate “available” or “unavailable”.

Q: Does this display any cost and retail?

A: No, it only displays inventory availability.

Q: Does this allow a dealer the ability to shop a full invoice of parts to check availability?

A: No, only one part number can be searched at a time.

Q: Can a dealer, not authorized for my brand, see this information?

A: Yes. However, to procure they must go through an authorized dealer to purchase.

Q: How will warehouse contact information be displayed for dealers?

A: Only displayed items include: Provided phone number, address, and/or website URL.

Q: How to get started?

A: Contact Constellation for more information.